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Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaway Rules  

Terms, Policies & Conditions  

Effective November 1st, 2017  

Latest Revision February 21st, 2023  

These are the official rules for the Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaways that are conducted through Fishermen's Heaven will give away monthly THREE (3) prize packs, one of $100.00, one of $60.00 and one of $30.00 MSRP and annual ONE (1) $500 store credit. All prizes are inclusive of product valued at specified MSRP value, as well as any packaging and shipping costs incurred by Fishermen's Heaven in awarding each prize pack. The contents of each prize pack are at the full discretion of Fishermen's Heaven. The Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaways are open and eligible for entry to anyone 18 years of age or older and no purchase is necessary to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited.  

Only ONE ENTRY per individual email address, per calendar year, will be allowed. Once an individual has won a monthly prize pack, they (along with anyone within the same household address) will not be eligible to win again within the same calendar year. Winners will be selected via a random drawing, which will consist of all correctly submitted entries for that month that are determined eligible by a neutral third-party auditor, the drawing which will occur within 10 business days from the conclusion of each month, and all winners will subsequently be posted in the appropriate Giveaway Winners page, for that month, within the website.   

All entrants must visit the Giveaway Winners page of the Fishermen's Heaven Store website the month following your entry to see if your name is selected. If you are one of the lucky prize winners for that month, you will need to contact Fishermen's Heaven via the contact us page ( within 90 days to officially claim your prize (the time/date stamp of the contact form must fall within the 90 day period).  

The following information must be included within the contact us form to officially claim your prize:  

  • Your full legal name  
  • Correct shipping address (Please note: We ship via United States Postal Service, so your applicable post office box address must be included.)  
  • Mobile phone number  
  • Email address

All prizes MUST be claimed via this process within 90 days of the award date. Any prizes not claimed will be null and void. No Fishermen's Heaven Store corporate officer, employee, supplier or independent contractor are eligible to enter. All contact information requested in sign-up form MUST be provided to qualify entry and will be utilized at the Fishermen's Heaven Store’s discretion both for purposes of awarding prize packs giveaways, promotional purposes, as well as customizing information we provide you to better facilitate your experience with the site.   

Answering any additional questions within the entry form has no effect on the outcome of prize selection. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Fishermen's Heaven ever sell an individual’s entry information to any third party. All individuals entering the Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaway grant permission for any names, city and state locations, quotes, pictures, or videos bearing their likeness to be used by the Fishermen's Heaven Store, Fishermen’s Heaven Store website, Fishermen’s Heaven Store social media channels, without any compensation due to the entrant from the Fishermen's Heaven Store.  

By the act of participating in the Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaway, individual entrants certify that they have read the rules in entirety, that all of the contact information provided is fully correct and if it is not, no prizes will be awarded. All participating individuals hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Fishermen’s Heaven, it’s ownership, officers, sponsors, suppliers or anyone working within the capacity of this prize giveaway, from any damages or legal action, with regards to their participation in this prize giveaway, whether arising from negligence of said releasees or otherwise. It is further stated that interpretation of these rules are left exclusively to Fishermen's Heaven and may be modified as Fishermen's Heaven deems necessary, with no timeline for continuance of the Fishermen's Heaven Store Monthly Free Fishing Tackle Giveaway program guaranteed.  


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