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Mustad Hooks Trout Kit BULK 35 Pack (HOOKS-MUSTAD-KIT-TROUT)

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The Mustad Hooks Trout Kit BULK 35 Pack (HOOKS-MUSTAD-KIT-TROUT) is a great starter kit for trout fishing. This kit of 35 assorted hooks includes: 7 pieces of the Mustad Classic Wide Gap Hook (37160-BR-10), 7 pieces of the Classic Beak Hook (92641-BR-10) 7 pieces of the Mustad Classic Salmon Egg Hook (92178-GL-10), 7 pieces of the Classic Mustad Beak hook (92641-BR-14), and 7 pieces of the Classic Mustad treble Hook (3551-BR-12). See full description below for information on each hook type included in this kit. This kit includes 35 hooks.

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The Mustad Hooks Trout Kit BULK 35 Pack (HOOKS-MUSTAD-KIT-TROUT) is a starter kit for trout fishing. This kit of 35 assorted hooks includes the following:

7 pieces of 37160-BR-10

The Mustad Classic Wide Gap hook range is a versatile choice for anglers, offering a slightly reversed hook point for secure bait and fish retention. Designed for fast penetration, it's suitable for various baits like Crawdads and Shrimps larvae. The "MTL-V1" point technology enhances sharpness and reduces penetration resistance by 50%, featuring a sleek new point shape. This hook series includes features like a needle point, reversed point, ringed eye, and Nor-Tempered construction for durability.

7 pieces of 92641-BR-10 and 7 pieces of 92641-BR-14

The Classic Mustad Beak hook is favored among bait fishermen for its long shank and bait holder design, featuring additional slices or barbs to secure baits like rag worms and fish chunks effectively. Its reversed hook point enhances hook hold by ensuring it stays in place upon contact with the fish's mouth, ideal for inshore fishing with a ledger or weight. Available in Bronze, Black Nickel, and 14kt. Gold finishes, it offers discreet presentation and versatility for targeting a wide range of species including trout, steelhead, salmon, walleye, and more. Both size 10 and 14 are included in this kit.

7 pieces 92178-GL-10

The Mustad Classic Salmon Egg Hook is designed with a reversed hook point for secure hook holds without turning in the fish's mouth. Its long beaked point enhances penetration and hook hold, ideal for presenting roe in egg sacs to large river Steelhead and Salmon. Featuring a 1X short shank and 3X strong wire, it withstands heavy currents and large fish, while the up-turned eye pairs well with a Snell knot for optimal bait presentation. The hook's bait holder barb ensures bait remains securely attached, benefiting from Mustad's Wire Technology and Nor-Tempering Process for increased strength and lighter weight.

7 pieces 3551-BR-12

The Classic Mustad treble hook range is highly favored worldwide among anglers for its reliability and versatility. It serves as an excellent replacement hook for plugs, spoons, pilkers, or spinners, featuring Mustad's Nor-Tempered wire for durability against large fish and challenging battles. Enhanced with "MTL-V1" point technology, these hooks offer a sharper, more efficient design with 50% lower penetration resistance compared to standard hooks. They are equipped with a looped eye for easy attachment to lures and rigs.


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